What To Expect

Welcome to Accurate Family Vision!

At Accurate Family Vision, we are dedicated to providing the East Valley & Southeast Valley with quality eye care and eye wear. Your experience will begin with a full medical evaluation of your eyes. During this medical evaluation, we will be able to screen and detect ocular disease and disorders if present. We utilize state of the art diagnostic equipment to provide a complete evaluation of your eye health. You will also receive a thorough evaluation of your visual acuity to determine your best glasses prescription and a medical evaluation for the fitting of contact lenses if desired.

Once the doctor has completed your evaluation, you will be introduced to our optical showroom where we carry a wide variety of the most desirable brands on the market. The doctor will discuss and recommend the best optical products to meet your individual eye care needs. You will then be professionally fit and styled by one of our friendly board certified opticians.

At Accurate Family Vision, we believe in providing the best quality optical products available. It is important to understand that there are hundreds of lens options available on the market with wide varieties of quality. We do not offer poor quality lenses and/or coatings that you may find in most retail stores. In order to ensure the best possible vision for our patients we utilize the most technologically advanced lenses available. Our progressive lenses are designed with some of the widest channels possible to give you visual comfort throughout your day to day activities. The coatings we use are some of the most scratch resistant and easy to clean products available. We are able to accommodate your visual needs in all areas of life, from occupational computer specific lenses to sport specific sunglasses.

Schedule your appointment with us today at 480-899-2381. We look forward to seeing you soon!