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It’s AMD Awareness Month

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February is Age-Related Macular Degeneration Month!

In older Americans, AMD is the leading cause of blindness. Over the last 10 years, however, there have been great strides in the treatment of AMD and it is making it more manageable. Early detection is key, making annual comprehensive eye exams essential.

Detecting AMD in the early stages and addressing it with special dietary supplements may be able to stop it from turning into its later stages which causes vision loss. AMD in its later stages has no treatment but scientists are currently working hard to find one.

Recently, the NIH launched the first US clinical trial of patient-derived stem cell therapy to replace and repair dying cells in the retina.

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For now, you can lower your risk by not smoking, get regular physical activity, maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, eat healthy foods like leafy green vegetables and fish and get annual eye exams.

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